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The most powerful Prison Core

CoralPrisons is the most powerful prison core on the market. With a wide range of features and modules, you can customize your server to your liking. Including breathtaking custom enchants, animations, and more. CoralPrisons is made to withstand even the largest of servers, and is the only prison core you'll ever need.

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Experience the innovative technology we have to offer

CoralPrisons allows you to toggle on and off modules as you wish, and configure the core to fit your server's every individual need. It's fully packet-based, and is the most optimized prison core on the market.

  • Fully Packet-Based and Asynchronous
  • Pickaxes & Animated Enchantments
  • Events & Challenges
  • Private Mines
  • Server Mines
  • Mine Bombs
  • Autosell
  • Create unlimited economies
  • Block rewards and tracking
  • Rankups and Prestiges
  • Player Settings
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Bring your vision to life

CoralPrisons is fully customizable, and allows you to configure the core to fit your server's every need. With a wide range of features and modules, you can create the prison server of your dreams.

  • Fully configurable
  • Breathtaking animations
  • Messages, Titles, Sounds, Action Bars
  • Supports 1.19.4-1.20.x
  • Optimized

Client Testimonials

CoralPrisons is trusted by the community's largest server owners.

Abyss is a leader in the enterprise plugin field they have numerous offering that are tailored to large play integration into the server ecosystem. Coral Prisons is the best Prisons core on the market which right out of the box gives you a huge advantage over everyone with their immersive features and high level of configurable options, allowing you to have the absolute best for your players. I have previously used their development offering for custom plugins I needed made and received them within a few days working perfectly. I would recommend Abyss highly. Thank me later.


Large Network Owner

I have been looking for a prison core that would be able to handle a large amount of players and be customizable enough to ressemble my server brand. CoralPrison from Abyss is the best option for us. Multiple addons from the Abyss suite that are compatible with the core. Everything is packet based which is incredible for the pricing. All of this is cool but so far the best has been the support Abyss has been providing us. Multiple ideas/addons were added within a few days of the suggestion.


ICarya Owner

Coral is honestly the most insane prison core I’ve ever seen. From watching relo code it from the ground up, he really puts time and effort into his plugins making sure they’re not only feature-packed, but also extremely optimized. Coral is crazy in every aspect


Software Developer

CoralPrison is a good core with a good stability and good support, every help you need will be attended by its creators. New updates are coming which will improve the stability and with new modules which will be beneficial for the players and to use less memories. The core is highly recommended, I have been configuring it and it is very easy and has a very sensible use, I recommend it


Large Network Owner

These guys are seriously talented and have created some of the most game-changing plugins I've ever come across. I've been playing Minecraft for years, and I can honestly say that these plugins have taken my experience as a server administrator to a whole new level, making my life 10x easier while also improving the quality of my work.


Server Administrator

Everything you need to create your dream prison server.

CoralPrisons is the industry-leading solution for minecraft prison servers. Our completely asynchronous core delivers the maximum server performance by simulating fake entities, blocks, schematics, and more via packets.

The core is fully customizable and allows your full creative mind to be put to use, you can change anything and everything in the core to your server's specific needs.

CoralPrisons currently includes 10 modules; Events, Pickaxes, Server Mines, Private Mines, Bombs, Economy, Settings, Autosell, Blocks, and Rankups/Prestiges.

Are you ready to take your prison server to the next level?

Choose CoralPrisons today.

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Breathtaking animated enchants

Pickaxe Module

Create unlimited Pickaxes with animated custom enchants, and abilities. Players can upgrade their pickaxe's with any currency you choose, and even prestige their pickaxe's!

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Stunning bomb animations

MineBombs Module

Players can throw minebombs to blow up blocks, and display a stunning animation to immerse the player in the game like never before.

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One location, maximized performance

Private Mines Module

Create packet-based private mines with unlimited permission-based themes, and even allow players to switch their themes all in one location, completely async and packet based. Maximize your server performance.

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Fast math

Rankups/Prestiges Module

Create unlimited rankups and prestiges by numbers or names, give rewards to players who reach milestones, and have all rankups calculated instantly.

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Convenient and simple

AutoSell Module

Sell all mined and blown up blocks and track and give currencies to players at a specified interval async!


Industry-Leading Technology

We've got you covered! AbyssDev has been an industry-leader for Minecraft Servers for the last 3 years meeting exceedingly high expectations, and even collaborating with the largest competitive minecraft network. Choose CoralPrisons knowing you are receiving the best solution on the market. CoralPrisons is optimized, reliable, customizable, and designed for success.

Extensive API

Create your own modules, and additions to CoralPrisons with our easy-to-use Developer API


CoralPrisons is trusted by the largest minecraft servers in the industry.

Plug & Play Integration

Add CoralPrisons to your servers plugin folder, and then restart. After you've completed those steps, you're ready to start configuring CoralPrisons on your Minecraft Server!


We are constantly innovating, and creating excellent solutions to any problem we encounter.


CoralPrisons is fully customizable, and can be tailored to fit your server's needs.

Reliable 24/7 Support

Our support team is available 24/7 to help assist you with anything you need relating to CoralPrisons and our other products.

Create your dream prison server.

CoralPrisons is a powerful and flexible prison server software that allows you to create the prison server of your dreams.

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